Hey. I'm Elizabeth


I've been a developer for 12 years. I've learned that simplicity in design and development go along way, if it's done correctly. I'm a one stop shop. I work directly with you to define and achieve your goals.

Small Businesses

I enjoy working with companies of all sizes. However, coming from a small town myself, I love to see small businesses succeed. Don't be shy. I can work with almost any budget.

Advertising Agencies

Are you overwhelmed? I can help! I am available for contract work.


Owner { 2017 - Now }

E.Rose Digital, Little Rock, AR

Marketing Director { 2018 - Now }

Premier Gastroenterology, Little Rock, AR

Professor { 2018 - Now }

Web Design, UALR, Little Rock, AR

Instructor { 2016 - Now }

Girl Code, UALR, Little Rock, AR

Senior Developer { 2017 }

GWL Digital, Little Rock, AR

Product Developer { 2016 - 2017 }

BombBomb, Colorado Springs, CO

Developer + Designer { 2016 }

Apptegy, Little Rock, AR

Developer { 2014 - 2016 }

Stoneward, Little Rock, AR